6 Lessons from Mia Hamm

“I’ve worked too hard and too long to let anything stand in the way of my goals. I will not let my teammates down and I will not let myself down.”

Lessons from Mia Hamm

# 1 — Play because you love it.

Mia Hamm keeps on telling her fans that they should make sure to play soccer because they love it, and not because their parents would love to see them playing it. Never push or force someone to do some sport if they themselves don’t feel so enthusiastic about it. If you do, the results will never be the ones that you hope for, because it’s the lack of real passion that will not allow you to achieve that goal.

# 2 — No matter what life throws at you, stay focused.

When Mia’s brother Garrett (adopted brother) died from a rare bone marrow disease, it didn’t stop her to strive for gold, even though she felt heartbroken about her loss. However, the fact that his illness had an impact on her life made her launch the Mia Hamm Foundation, that helps people like her brother to cope with this illness.

# 3 — Sport can inspire the youth.

There are many girls who felt inspired by watching the game of a female soccer team. It can have a very motivating impact on young people and influence young generations, to do something meaningful in their lives.

# 4 — Don’t settle for your victories.

Whatever your victories are, be grateful for the experience you had, enjoy them, use them but don’t take a seat back. Reaching the top is not always easy, but the art consists in being able to remain there in the future too. Something that not everyone is able to achieve.

# 5 — Get used to failures.

We might encounter failure on a daily basis, you can’t avoid it. However, the way you react to your mistakes and defeats, will help you to become better.

# 6 — Beating a team is not enough.

Winning a match and just beating a team is not enough. It would be better to leave a memorable impression in their minds. Mia believes that it’s better to make them believe that they don’t want to see you again.