Become an Etiquette Consultant: Career Advice from 12 Experts

Do you want to become an Etiquette Consultant? Someone who teaches others on how to succeed in life and in business, so that you know how to act, behave and communicate in a confident way at all times? There are different areas of specialization from which you can choose, such as Business Etiquette, Social Etiquette, Kids Etiquette, International Protocol etc. Take advantage of these 12 Etiquette Experts who kindly share their personal advice on how to become an Etiquette Consultant and how to succeed in this profession.

Become an Etiquette Consultant: 12 Experts share their career advice

Diane Gottsman (USA)
Protocol School of Texas
Twitter: @DianeGottsman

Become an Etiquette Consultant — My advice: Embrace your mistakes. I have learned much more from my mistakes than my successes and have used everything I have learned to grow and develop personally and professionally. People identify with those that admit they are only human doing the best they can to be the best they can be. Also, have a good perspective and a better sense of humor. If you want something bad enough, and it feels right, don’t give up until you get it.

Walethia Aquil (USA)
Twitter: @graceandcharm2

Become an Etiquette Consultant — My advice: You have to love this profession. It’s not something you should get into for money, you have to live and breathe this job. Your passion will come across to your clients. We all make mistakes, just be authentic. People can get a little uptight around you when they hear what you do, so I try to make them feel at ease. Finally, the world is so global, I think it is important to have an open mind and appreciate and value the differences.

Arden Clise (USA)
Twitter: @ArdenClise

Become an Etiquette Consultant — My advice: Keep doing what you’re doing. We are needed. To promote yourself, use social media, network, and keep your face out there.

William Hanson (UK)
William Hanson — the UK’s leading etiquette coach & expert
Twitter: @williamhanson

Become an Etiquette Consultant — My advice: Keep at it. We are so badly needed in this world. In a perfect world, etiquette coaches shouldn’t need to exist, but the fact that there is a demand is quite sad. That said, I shouldn’t complain, it pays my wages!

Karen Hickman (USA)
Professional Courtesy, LLC — Karen Hickman specializes in Etiquette and Protocol Consulting and is based out of Fort Wayne, IN | TEL: 260–486–7758
Twitter: @Karen_V_Hickman

Become an Etiquette Consultant — My advice: Find a niche and slant that is unique to you and your talents. Get to know the people in our industry. Be open to change and collaboration. I do my best work when I am collaborating with others. I love the flexibilty of owning my own business, but I have discovered that collaboration with others reduces the sense of isolation that can be a by product of working alone.

Jay Remer (Canada)
Etiquette and Good Manners
Twitter: @etiquetteguy

Become an Etiquette Consultant — My advice: Keep at it. Being a foot soldier of civility is challenging and fulfilling.

Janice S. Gibson (USA)
Miss Janice
Twitter: @SocialGraces101

Become an Etiquette Consultant — My advice: Know your market, period. I enjoy teaching ages 4–7 and adults. Also, know your material and stick to it.

Mindy Lockard (USA)
Your Guide for Gracious Living
Twitter: @TheGraciousGirl

Become an Etiquette Consultant — My advice: Don’t give up! Etiquette professionals have to work very hard and most are on their own. I think it’s so important for us to support one another and continue to build a thriving industry for a concept that is most important to the way we all live our lives. A gracious life, is a good life!

Lisa Mirza Grotts (USA)
Home — AML Group
Twitter: @LisaGrotts

Become an Etiquette Consultant — My advice: Become one.

Rebecca Black (USA)
Etiquette Now — etiquette classes, workshops, books, booklets and lesson plans
Twitter: @Rebeccablack

Become an Etiquette Consultant — My advice: Only do what you love. This will be your life, so it needs to stimulate you. Also, typically making a living wage is difficult in the beginning. Prepare for working long hours and making little money for quite some time.

Juanita Ecker (USA)
Professional Image Management
Twitter: @JuanitaEcker

Become an Etiquette Consultant — My advice: Not to think of other image/etiquette consultants as your competition — even if they do exactly what you do. We will attract the clients that resonate with what we have to offer. If you focus on your unique gifts rather than viewing the other as competition, you will make valuable friendships and find support when you need it.

Jodi R. Smith (USA)
Welcome to Mannersmith
Twitter: @Mannersmith

Become an Etiquette Consultant — My advice: You should love what you do for work. If you wouldn’t do it for free, then think twice about doing it at all.

The BENEFITS that you will get from choosing this career path can be manifold. I personally consider the fact of being able to make a contribution to peoples’ success — in their personal as well as professional lives — as the most rewarding aspect of this job. However, there are many other benefits that need to be mentioned, too. You can earn respect as a trustworthy professional, you can work in a flexible way by choosing when and where you want to work, you are not limited by your age/gender/race, it allows you to learn new things, it can be financially very rewarding if you have the right marketing strategy in place and last but not least, you will get to know some highly interesting people and extend your network considerably.

What was your biggest takeaway today? Which lesson are you most excited to use in your own career? I would appreciate it if you could leave a comment and let me know. If you know anyone who could benefit from this article, make sure you share it. You’ll be helping them out and me too! Thanks!

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