Does your child have an entrepreneurial spirit?

How you do you know as a parent whether your child might be a great entrepreneur at a young age?

These are the 18 questions you should ask yourself:

  • Is she extremely passionate about one particular area and does she want to become a real expert in it?
  • Is she keen on being the best or the only one in a particular field?
  • Does she try to stand out from the crowd? Is she willing to be different and pursue his own way?
  • Does she try to find ways to earn more money?
  • Is she willing to learn new skills and extent her knowledge?
  • Is she prepared to meet the unknown and take risks?
  • Is she committed and willing to work hard in order to succeed (no matter how many hours and on what days?)
  • Is she flexible and independent, working well on her own?
  • Is she tech savvy and likes to do research on her own to find out more about other things?
  • Is she a self-starter and takes the initiative to approach new things?
  • Does she consider problems as opportunities and challenges rather than issues?
  • Is she able to motivate or bring other people along when undertaking a task or chore?
  • Is she persistent in completing a task until it is done?
  • Is she setting realistic goals and is able to achieve them?
  • Is she eager to network with other kid/teen/young entrepreneurs? Does she research on how they started and how they are running their business?
  • Does she not get discouraged if mistakes or failure occurs?
  • Is she able to think outside the box and comes up with creative ideas and solutions?
  • Last but not least, if you are an entrepreneur yourself, is she interested in how you run your business? Would she like to follow into your footsteps or does she express her wish to run his own company?

If you can answer some or all of these questions with yes, you might definitely consider of helping your child to get started in running their own business.