New rules @ work — 79 Etiquette Tips, Tools, and Techniques to get ahead and stay ahead

This book focuses on workplace etiquette and provides for every chapter one or more stories, lessons to be learnt from (called what went wrong?), Quick Tips (handy tips on related topics), Blunder Busters (how to recover from an innocent mistake and rebuild your professional image), Pachter’s Pointer (techniques that the author learnt and which will help you to steer you through some of the finer points of business etiquette). I liked the fact that the author very often emphasized the impact poor manners can have on your business.

People love reading and learning from stories and personal experiences. If you are looking for that kind of book, this is the one! It offers 147 stories/experiences! I don’t know of any other resource where you would find so many in one place!

What I particularly liked

* The stories and experiences throughout the book (it would be very difficult to pick up one favourite story, because there were so many good and really good ones!). It is this aspect of the book that makes it so special!

* The practical examples (exact phrases) provided to use on various occasions. For example,

  • What you should say after being introduced
  • How to accept a compliment graciously
  • How to write thank you notes
  • What to do if you are interrupted
  • How to avoid taboo topics

* The tests (how techno savvy are you, conflict self assessment, where are you on the relationship track, your image: what message are you sending?). It helps you to find out more about yourself.

* Some creative parts in the book (such as: effective ways to remember certain rules, creative ideas, e.g. how to drink creatively, how to let other people know how you would like to be called)

* The length of the chapters, it was well structured and easy to read. My 3 favourite chapters were: part 1 (making connections and establishing rapport), part 3 (a professional presence), and part 6: (what to say when it’s hard to say).

When I was reading the book I looked at it from 3 different perspectives: as a reader (business professional), as an etiquette professional, and as a potential client.

As a reader I felt… WOW! There are a lot of useful tips, covering a wide range of topics from table manners, to email etiquette, communication at the workplace, and much more. The content is presented in a well structured way and coming straight to the point.

As an etiquette professional I felt … WOW! There are some really interesting stories which would enrich every Etiquette Consultant’s training program.

As a potential client I felt … WOW! This person is the one I’m going to hire for my own staff in etiquette matters. I don’t need to look any further. She is a communication expert and her competence comes across very well in her book. Furthermore, she has many years of experience, not just in the US but also on an international scale. She mastered it in an excellent way to teach readers on etiquette and at the same time to promote herself as an expert in this field, brilliant!

How I would rate it

Without doubt, 10 out of 10. Let me tell you why. I’ve read quite a lot of etiquette books and what many of them have in common is that too often they focus too much on the do’s and don’ts only. This book is different. This book gives you stories and personal experiences from the author and etiquette seminar attendees. It makes an ordinary etiquette book extraordinary!!! I know from my personal experience and I fully agree with the author in saying that telling a story or sharing a personal experience makes it more memorable.

One more thing:

When I was reading this book … I felt like taking a seminar … because in a seminar the trainer would (hopefully) share stories and experiences, you would (eventually) get to do tests, you would get to know the do’s and don’ts, and you would get to know other course seminars questions and dilemmas, too. And that for just $15! Great, I must say!

Book Title: “New rules @ work” — 79 Etiquette Tips, Tools, and Techniques to get ahead and stay ahead

Authors: Barbara Pachter with Ellen Schneid Coleman

Pages: 258

Publisher: Prentice Hall Press/Penguin Group

Year of publication: 2006

Price: $15


6 Chapters

  • The Inside Scoop: Making Connections and Establishing rapport
  • Dining, Drinking, and other “strictly business” social occasions
  • A Professional presence: It’s more than what you do, it’s how you do it
  • Techno- and Retro-Etiquette: Getting your message across in a 24/7 World
  • Your Career is what you make it: Business skills to take you up the corporate ladder
  • What to say when it’s hard to say: How to handle difficult communications

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